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Come to Ottenstein Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. and we'll help you work to make a difference in your financial life!

You want someone to

  • Help you?
  • Explain things to you in plain English?
  • Provide some direction?

You want Ottenstein!

When you work with me, the need to constantly monitor your finances is reduced. We will talk periodically to make sure everything is going smoothly and make recommendations for the future. In the meantime, I’ll be working with you to see that your financial matters are addressed and your insurance needs are being met.

You get a holistic treatment of your financial affairs.

Investment Selection

When you work with me you’ll find watching your investments boring. My goal is to help you choose investments that produce potential returns you can live and rely on as well as helping you work toward enjoying the life you want in the style you want and still be able to leave a legacy.


I will work to ensure you have the insurance you need. Together we’ll evaluate your needs and choose only those best suited to your situation.

Life Insurance

Life insurance policise have options that must be clearly understood before an individual commits to a policy. I canhelp guide youto the right planfor your needs. 

Long Term Care Insurance

Everyone needs to be concerned about dealing with long-term illness. I’ll see that you get the proper coverage to allow top-notch care while keeping your life style as you want it.

Estate Plan Strategies

It’s never too early to plan your estate. Proper preparation can potentially reduce taxes and provide the distribution of your assets the way you want. The time to plan is now.

Charitable giving

Do you have a favorite charity? I can help you see that your charitable giving suits your tax purposes as well as your desire to help others. It’s more complicated than just writing a check. Together we will work out the details to the best advantage for you and the charitable organization.

Pension Plans and Retirement Accounts

Are your employees getting all the benefits they deserve? From retirement savings and pension plans to benefit packages, we can help you offer some of the best employee services available.

Ottenstein helps you put your plan together

Builds A Team

Once we determine your needs, I put together the right team for you. And it won’t necessarily be the same team that the person who recommended me has. I look at your personality, your situation, your goals and bring together the best people for you to work with.

Bring Order Out Of Chaos

I take a look at your entire picture before we do anything. We need to make sure all the proper documents are in place – wills, living wills, durable powers of attorney, long-term care insurance, life insurance, property and casualty insurance – before we make any decisions.

Estate Plan Strategies

Have you considered what you need to do to pass your estate on in the most effective and cost efficient way? It’s not something you should put off. You will need to consult with the proper professionals who can see that your wishes are carried out - whether it’s to take care of a spouse or parent, support your children, or endow a favorite charity. Ottenstein Insurance & Financial Services will help you assemble a team of professionals to make sure that your estate is distributed according to your instructions and your heirs have the easiest transition possible by creating an easy-to-understand estate plan strategy.

Retirement Strategies

Have you made the arrangements necessary to work towards maintaining your current lifestyle once you stop working? Could you live the way you want in the event you ever endure a serious illness? We can help with these considerations to work to see that life continues as you would like.

Beneficiary Designations

Do you have a clear structure to your estate? We can create an easily understood system for your estate that can make the transition of your wealth to the next generation, an easy one.

Insurance Evaluation

Preparation for the unexpected is an important part of any financial process. Together we’ll examine your insurance needs and determine what type, and how much, coverage is right for your circumstances. Whether it’s whole or term life, long-term care, or disability insurance, I never propose more coverage than necessary, or anything that isn’t in your best interest.

Investment Evaluation

When it comes to investing, I evaluate your situation and look for those investments that will help you work toward reaching your goals.


I am a facilitator. I get things done. Work with me, and together we will keep an eye on the big picture. Whatever your concerns – a comfortable retirement, an endowment for a favorite charity, putting your children or grandchildren through college -- I’m a problem-solver. If I can’t fix it, I will help you find someone who can, and we will work together to come up with a strategy that works best for your situation.

Let’s Set Up A Meeting

I’d like to get to know you. I don’t feel phone calls and emails have the same personal touch as a face-to-face meeting. So call me at 301-610-0155 and let’s get together soon.


If you have any questions, call me. If I don’t know the answer I will find it and get right back to you. There are no stupid questions about your money.

When you work with Ottenstein, you’ll find a responsive firm. A firm with a network of professionals to call on when needed and ready to help you, so you can feel comfortable knowing your financial affairs are in good hands.

Call me at (301) 610-0155, I’m here for you.

*Neither Cetera Advisors nor its representatives offer tax or legal advice. Please consult with your tax and legal advisors regarding your individual situation.

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